Valentine’s Ride


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Valentine's Ride

Surprise your sweetheart with this very special ride. Step aboard the sleigh of your choosing, cover up and prepare for a dashing ride out to Sugar Shack. Once there, enjoy a bowl of hot soup around a roaring fire. We will have an assortment of tasty chocolate treats and hot cocoa.

Sleigh Options…
You can choose how you want to travel the trails!  That’s right!  With two separate modes of transportation, you ride the way you want. Take a look…

Meadowbrook Sleigh Meadowbrook Sleigh
This sleigh will carry up to 10 passengers. Buy tickets above on this page.

Vis-A-Vis Sleigh Vis-A-Vis Sleigh

Perfect for romantic couples. Each sleigh will carry up to 4 passengers. You are booking this sleigh as a private ride. You decide if you wish to invite another couple along for the ride.
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***If there is not enough snow an appropriate wheeled vehicle will be substituted.***


  • Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup
  • Rolls & Butter
  • Assortment of Chocolate Treats
  • Hot Cocoa & Bottled Water

Disclaimer: Events and/or Activities Policy

Inclement Weather?


It is extremely important for the safety of everyone you take a moment and read our requirements.

Please Read

You Should Know

  • "Check in Time"
    Example: 1:00pm → 2:30pm
    Your check in time in the example above is 1:00pm. Our staff CANNOT check you in any earlier and arriving LATER will not allow you time to participate. We expect you will be with us for a time span of 1:00pm → 2:30pm.
  • Choose a Vis-A-Vis Sleigh for a cost of $199.00 if you are looking for a private ride. 
  • Dress appropriate for outdoor weather. Hats, scarves, mittens, boots and a warm coat are important. Consider bringing along a blanket. We find sleeping bags work great.
  • The horse-drawn ride will take you to the Sugar Shack. When you are ready to return just board the next available ride.
  • The MENU is include in the price you have paid for the sleigh ride.
  • You may bring along additional refreshments and beverages if you wish.
  • Plan on being at the farm for at least 1 hour.
  • Sled Runners or Wheels? The condition of our trails determines whether or not we use sled runners or wheels. (Sleighs need a 6 inch base of packed snow)


Question: How do I know what DATES & TIMES are available?
Answer: Choose a ticket option in the first drop-down box, then "Pick a Date". Under the "Pick a Schedule" drop-down you will be presented with times and availability. If you wish to purchase continue the booking process to the checkout page and complete the transaction.

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