Pork Share

$6.50/lbs - $6.99/lbs

Pork Available for Pickup Over the Coming Months
Pastured Raised with absolutely No Hormones or No Antibiotics. Living in a Stress Free and Humane environment.

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Pork Share

CSA – Livestock General Information

Purchase Options

Half Side
est 75 lbs.
$6.99 lb. HW*
Down Payment $125
Whole Share
est 150 lbs.
$6.50 lb. HW*
Down Payment $200

Our sows (mother pig) are Berkshires who are very good at raising their offspring out on pastures. This breed is known for their rich flavor, darker colored meat, and beautiful marbling. They are also a hearty breed that are well suited for our cold winters.

The pigs spend their day doing what pigs enjoy doing; wallowing, running, scratching, sunbaths and of course what pigs do best… rooting! We spend our time moving them around to new plots of land to explore. In addition to grass land we always allow pigs to have a section of woodland to explore.

What Do I Get?
Below is based on an average half-side of pork with a live weight between 250 -270 pounds.

  • 12-14 lbs. pork chops
  • 6-10 lbs. ground pork and/or ground sausage
  • 2 packages of spare ribs (1.5 lbs.)
  • 1 ham (15-18 lbs.)
  • 3 shoulder roasts (4 lbs.)
  • 5 lbs. of non-smoked Bacon and 5 lbs. of Under Belly
  • 2 smoked hocks (0.75 lbs.)
    Quanities above are approximations

(At this time smoking is not an option… Sorry!)

*HW-“Hanging Weight” is the term used to describe the weight of a carcass minus the head, hide and entrails. At this point the usable cuts of meat are still intact. Whole and halves are sold to you based on hanging weight.

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