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Pastured Raised with absolutely No Hormones or No Antibiotics.  Living in a Stress Free and  Humane environment.

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Goat Share

CSA – Livestock General Information

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Whole – est 50 lbs.       $11.00 lb. HW*     Down Payment $150

Boer goats are the breed of choice for our farm. The development of the Boer goat in the early 1900’s can be traced to the Dutch farmers of South Africa. Boer is a Dutch word meaning farmer. The Boer goat has become the superior breed for meat production.

The demand for goat meat continues to grow in the United States each year. There is an extremely eager base of ethnic consumers, but lately there is a growing group of consumers looking for high quality, lean, healthy red meat, which is increasing the demand even more.

What about the Taste?
Goat has a reputation for strong flavor, but can be mild depending on age of the animals when processed.  Our goats are processed between the ages of 6 to 9 months to be sure we are providing you with mild meat.  The meat is savory and not as sweet as beef, but is is sweeter than lamb.  Most folks who cook goat meat would agree it works well with bold, big flavors, particularly with spicy and sour recipes.

Compare Goat Meat
Below is a comparison of various meats we found on a 3-ounce portion of cooked meat while searching the internet. You can see why goat meat is a very healthy.

Goat 122 Calories 2.6 Fat (g)
Lamb 175 Calories 8.1 Fat (g)
Beef 179 Calories 7.9 Fat (g)
Pork 180 Calories 8.2 Fat (g)
Turkey 145 Calories 4.2 Fat (g)
Chicken 162 Calories 6.3 Fat (g)

You should be eating more goat – we are not kidding!

What Do I Get?
The break down and cuts are very similar to lamb. Click here to view the break down on the lamb share page.

*HW-“Hanging Weight” is the term used to describe the weight of a carcass minus the head, hide and entrails. At this point the usable cuts of meat are still intact. Whole and halves are sold to you based on hanging weight.

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