Super Loam

Loam is soil that combines three types of soil particles (sand, silt and clay) in relatively equal amounts. Loamy soil is ideal for most garden plants and lawns because it holds plenty of moisture. In addition, it also drains allowing sufficient air to reach plant roots.

What is Super Loam?

Our super loam is compost fortified screened loam for added organic content. The compost addition adds necessary nutrients and helps hold moisture. Super loam is ideal for all you’re landscaping and gardening projects.

Customer Pick-up / Delivery

  • Pick-Up – Appointment Required
    We will load your truck with our tractor. An average pick-up with a eight foot bed can carry up to one yards. Once you have placed your order please call Zac 603 483-5623 x109 to arrange a time for you to pick up your order.
  • We Can Deliver to You
    Transportation & Handling fees are calculated on the CHECKOUT page. We are able to transport up to 6 yards at a time. Once we have received your order we will call you with in a day or so to schedule the delivery. (Calculations online are for up to one hour away. If you live further away please call for a quote)

How much Loam do I need?

Loam Calculator
Loam Calculator