Inclement Weather?

In the event of inclement weather Charmingfare Farm will display a WEATHER ALERT on the bottom pages of the website by 8am on the day of your scheduled visit.

Please Do NOT Call the farm ahead of time. Bookings can only be rescheduled by customers once the WEATHER ALERT is activated.

What is considered Bad Weather?

Temperatures, wind, rain, snow, hazardous driving conditions & safety of our guests, staff and animals. Other factors to consider are situations that may effect operations at the farm caused by weather.

You have two options…

Per our WEATHER POLICY, when a Weather Alert is activated you may Reschedule if there is availability or convert to Farm Credit. A Refund is not an option.

Need Help?

On the bottom right hand corner of our webpages ( you will see a green “NEED HELP” button.