Horse Trail Rides


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Horse Trail Rides

Enjoy fresh air and breath taking scenery when you come horseback riding on the trails at Charmingfare Farm. All levels of trail riding ability are encouraged to come and ride on a horse.

Gentle Horses and Great Trails
First time rider? No worries!

Before heading out onto the trails all riders are given the opportunity to get acquainted with their horse. During this time our trail guides makes sure every rider is comfortable, confident and prepared for the trails.

Our picturesque trail rides pass through pasture meadows with grazing livestock, travel along old logging roads into the forest far away from the modern world. Once in the forest riders have spotted native coyotes, fox and wild turkeys; some guests have even been fortunate enough to see a moose. Be sure to bring a camera.

You Should Know

  • It’s important to understand your fitness level and personal limitations.

    • Horseback riding is a physically demanding recreational activity.  Riders should be in good physical condition and not exceed 250 pounds.
    • You must be and free from neck, hip, back problems or any conditions that could interfere with your balance or any other conditions that could be aggravated by participating in a horse trail ride.
    • You must be able to mount and dismount the horse without any physical assistance from our staff.  During the mounting process you will need to put left foot into the stirrup then left your body weight up into the saddle while swinging your right leg gently over the horses back.
    • Horses by nature may react if frightened or agitated during the ride. You should be prepared for sudden stops, starts or movements by the horse at any time.
  • HELMETS ARE REQUIRED and provided for all riders.

  • You should plan on arriving 15 minutes prior to your selected time. Unfortunately, if you arrive late you will forfeit your ride.

  • About 15 minutes is allotted to getting folks up on horses with basic instruction and safety guidelines.

  • The actual trail ride will be about 45 minutes depending on the pace of our horses.

  • Each child must be 10 years or older and accompanied an adult if under 18 years of age.

  • Riding double on one horse in not allowed regardless of age.

  • Our horses are beginner level horses; perfect for first time riders.

  • Typically, we take 3 to 4 riders out at one time.

  • All trail rides are conducted a walk with no trotting or cantering. As an accomplished rider we are confident you will understand and respect our policy.

  • In the case of inclement weather including when temperatures are predicted to reach close to 90 degrees or higher your reservation will be rescheduled to another date and time.

What You Need

  • Appropriate clothing for the season. (Pants are strongly recommended)
  • Footwear with a least a 1/4 inch heel Absolutely no flip flops or open toe shoes.

  • Bug Spray
  • Sun Screen
  • Helmets are provided by CFF
    (If you bring your own it must be ASTM certified)
  • Camera

How to tip guides…

Our trail guides work hard to ensure your expectations are met. Tips are a large part of a trails guide income and it is safe to assume an approximate tip of $5.00 tip per rider per guide is appropriate.

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Question: How do I know what DATES & TIMES are available?
Answer: Choose a ticket option in the first drop-down box, then "Pick a Date". Under the "Pick a Schedule" drop-down you will be presented with times and availability. If you wish to purchase continue the booking process to the checkout page and complete the transaction.

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