Children's Trick or Treat

5 Attractions, One Low Price

Charmingfare Farm’s Children’s Trick or Treat is perfect for little ghouls and boils who don’t wish to be frightened but still want the excitement of wearing their favorite costume and having a fun filled Halloween adventure.

This event is merry-not-scary! We have 6 special attractions featuring candy stops for Trick or Treating. When you arrive at the farm your family will receive a map with the order each attraction must be attended. Just follow along and discover various candy stops where children can collect their treats.

Bring your camera, you’ll have many great photo opportunities. What a wonderful way to celebrate Halloween.

1. Barnyard Village Stroll

Stroll through our barnyard areas and meet friendly costumed characters offering very exciting treats.

2. Eerie Horse-Drawn Ride

A wagon ride into the woods of Charmingfare Farm to view our festive decorations along the trail. Who knows who we may meet during our travels. No worries, everyone is very friendly during day light hours.

3. Grandpa’s Spooky Hay Barn

Grandpa’s old hay barn is the best place to play in the hay. Walk through the hay bale maze and enter a world of friendly ghosts offering special sweets.

4. Tractor Train Bog Ride

Climb aboard the Tractor Train Ride and journey into the bog at the farm. Everyone will be amazed at what strange things are ahead.

5. Crazy Scarecrow Corn Maze

The Scarecrows have been busy scaring the crows away so the corn maze can grow for you. Inside you will find silly Scarecrows offering delicious candy treats.

Please note: Per our policy under “Activities and Events” we have had to modify the ride. With all the rain in the past few months our corn maze is way to muddy. We are sorry to say we are not able to allow folks to enter the corn maze this year due to conditions beyond our control. 

Pony Rides*

Take our trail ride into the forest to see our friendly wolves and look for treats along the way.
(*There is an additional fee of $5 per ride for pony rides. Children must be 75 pounds or under and accompanied by one parent.)

The horse-drawn ride takes you to the hay barn. When you exit the hay barn you will board the tractor train to the bog. The bog will lead you into the corn maze.