Compost – Black Gold

No, it’s not oil we create here on the farm, but some may argue it just as important. Compost is possibly the easiest way to increase the productivity of your garden and flowerbeds. It is packed full of nutrients and microbes to enhance the growth of plants as well as the water retention of the soil. The rich material is made by collecting organic matter and letting it decompose. This decomposition breaks down the organic matter in to a vital soil amendment. Here at the farm we only use lawn clippings, plants, leaves and animal waste. We never use trash, metal, glass or plastics in order  to make sure you get the best product possible. We offer our compost for sale to the public at very competitive rates. We also use the compost that is made here on the farm to keep our own soil healthy so we can have the best and most productive gardens to support our CSA.

The Benefits for Your Garden
How Hot Is Your Heap?

The Facts…

  • Did you know that the internal temp of the pile can reach 160℉? This heat helps to break down the organic material as well as kill off most weed seeds and other pests that live in the soil.
  • Most garden problems can be traced back to one of three sources. First is lack of water, second is nutrition and the third and final is soil. Most of these problems can be fixed by using good quality compost.
  • Compost also alters the composition of the soil. Adding this product to the soil helps to keep the soil lose and crumbly. This allows air to pass through the soil and makes it easier for the young roots to penetrate the soil with ease. Most garden problems can me traced back to one of three sources. First is lack of water, second is nutrition and the third and final is soil.
  • The organic material that makes up compost inherently has a negative charge. That allows the material to attract and retain different particles with a positive charge like calcium, magnesium, potassium, ammonium, and sodium. Reducing the need for extra fertilization.
  • For every one percent of organic material (compost) added to and acre of land that soil will be able to retain 16,000 more gallons of water. This allows you to use much less water over the season. Not only is this good for your well it’s also good for the environment. The water retention of the soil also helps keep and fertilizer you use trapped in the soil, so it does not leach out in to the surrounding ground.
  • If you’re looking to start your own compost pile this year here is a great place to get started

With spring quickly approaching its time to start thinking of your garden! If making your own sounds too time consuming we sell compost here at the farm for $35 per yard, and $45 per yard delivered (within a 30-minute drive of the farm 2 yard minimum).

Charmingfare Farm – Compost For Sale

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