March is Maple Month in the State of New Hampshire!

Come join us at Charmingfare Farm in March to visit our very own maple sugaring operation. On the farm we tap numerous tress that we then collect the sap water to make the maple syrup in our very own Sugar Shack. This is a perfect event to get the entire family out to experience what goes into making pure maple syrup. There is no better syrup then then syrup from New Hampshire.

We have so much to offer when you come to the farm for our Maple Express event. You have your own choice between a Horse Drawn or Tractor Train ride to meet our maple syrup specialist that is awaiting your arrival at our authentic Sugar Shack. When you want to leave the Sugar Shack area, catch a ride on one of our two ride options and head back to visit the farm animals. Inside the Sugar Shack, our maple syrup specialist will be sure to teach you about the whole process of making maple syrup from start to finish. There is so much to learn! Once you arrive at the Sugar Shack and venture inside, you will be impressed to see our evaporator working hard to make the syrup. Here you will be able to see what a real sugaring operation looks like and all the equipment that is needed. You can even look at how we tap our trees! You will get a lesson on how we tap the trees and what makes maple trees so special.

The best part about the whole event is that you even get to taste test the syrup! On our silver dollar pancakes is the best tasting maple syrup in the business.

A fun fact about maple syrup is that it can be made into so many different forms. You can have maple syrup, maple hard candy, maple taffy, maple spread, and the endless list continues on and on.

Since this is an outdoor event, we stress the importance to dress accordingly. We believe that hats, scarves, mittens or gloves, and a warm coat are a few must haves. While we suggest bringing warm blankets or sleeping bags along with you as well. We also allow you to bring any additional refreshments and beverages as you wish. We believe that you will be with us for about an hour and a half.

Be sure to hop on to our deliciously awesome Maple Express!


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