Here Comes the Barber!

Every year our Olde English Babydoll Sheep look forward to their annual haircuts!  We call it Shearing Day, and it’s a great day of activities, education and fun!  We’ll bring in a professional shearer (Jeff Jordon) and he’ll be there to perform demonstrations for you, answer your questions and do the actual shearing.  Did you know that the fleece is normally removed from the sheep in one piece?  It is!

Or how about this for a fun fact……….during President Woodrow Wilson’s term, sheep were raised on the south lawn of the White House!  They were sheared and the wool sold to raise money for the Red Cross during World War I!

And do you realize that the World Record (yup!  They keep world records) for shearing a sheep in the fastest time is 37.9 seconds!  Make sure you keep that in mind as you’re watching the shearing.  Some farms average 3000 per day (

The Candia Clovers (our local 4H club) will do presentations all day called “Wool”.

We won’t be doing three thousand, but we’ll make sure you have a wonderful day!  To learn a whole lot more, come to Charmingfare Farm’s Shearing Day on May 27, 2017 between the hours of 10am to 4pm.