Christmas is a time of absolute joy and happiness. It is a festival celebrated by several million people all across the world. It is a major festival, there are always a lot of things that people look forward to on Christmas. The lights, hot cocoa and the beautifully decorated Christmas trees.

There is nothing like going with your family or loved ones and looking for the right Christmas tree. There are very different trees that people select for themselves. These vary based on their preference and style.

What if we told you Christmas tree shopping could be a lot more fun? We are bringing a fun and interactive way for you to pick your perfect Christmas tree. At the Christmas Tree Spree, we offer you and your loved one several different activities to enjoy while shopping for your Christmas tree.

Different types of tree

We have both the Fraser and the Balsam fir trees. The Fraser trees have dark green needles which are usually an inch and a half long. Buy Christmas tree of your choice. Fraser firs are also trees that retain needles very well and they have a very earthy scent and they smell nice.

Balsam fir trees are known for their short needles which gives the tree a feather-like visual appeal. They are dark green with a little silvery outline. These are the most widely recognized and used trees for Christmas decorations.

Petting zoo

Along with a fine collection of trees, we also have some farm animals. These animals can be petted and you can enjoy spending some time with them as you go around deciding which tree is the perfect match for you. This will also give your kids something to do and they will have a lot of fun spending some time with the animals in the petting zoo.

Pony rides

We also offer pony rides to people that would like to enjoy some fun with the horses. They are very fun and enjoyable for the family and your loved ones to be a little adventurous.

Fun snacks

We also have a campfire around which people sit and talk over good food. There are roasted marshmallows, Smores and hot cocoa for the entire family to enjoy and to bond with other people around them. This gets the Christmas spirit going.

We will help your family select the perfect Christmas tree. There is a wide variety of trees to look at and we cannot wait for you to find your tree to take home.

The Christmas Tree Spree offers all age groups fun and interactive way to shop for live christmas trees. All trees are freshly harvested and our staff will help you by guiding you through the caretaking process. The trees will remain fresh throughout the entire season. The tree will be focus point of your house during the holiday season. You will have a lot of fun spending Christmas with the right tree for you and your loved ones.

Come start a holiday tradition at Charmingfare Farm this year!

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