Christmas Tree Spree

Dates & Time:

  • Must Be Purchased ONLINE
  • Nov 24, 25 & 26, 2023

Come buy your PERFECT Christmas Tree at our special event.

Let’s face it, its no fun going to the gas station parking lot to pick out your tree! So Charmingfare wants to make it a fun, family tradition!

The Christmas Tree Spree is a great event. You can spend the day at the farm…. exploring all the farm animals! The Hands on Petting Zoo, Pony Ride*…. a cozy warm campfire, roasting marshmallows*, making S’mores*!

Picking Christmas Tree

Fresh Cut Christmas Trees

  • Fraser Firs 6′ to 8′ (limited availability)
  • Balsam Firs 6′ to 8′

Select ANY tree for $159 during your visit
(Includes up to 4 FREE ADMISSIONS into the Farm)

To cap off your time at the farm, you’ll have lots of trees to choose from. They’re fresh and harvested within days of coming to the farm! You can choose from Fraser Firs, which have dark green needles, usually a half to an inch long. These trees have a wonderful scent, and are noted for good needle retention.

We’ll also have Balsam Firs. These trees have short, long lasting needles that give a soft feathery appearance. A dark green color with a silvery cast, these trees are also fragrant and probably the most recognized Christmas tree. Our staff with help you choose, offer advice and make sure you go home with a lovely tree and the knowledge of how to maintain it throughout the entire season!

Visit the Barnyard Horse-Drawn Rides
Climb about a horse-drawn wagon ride. Listen to sleigh bells as you travel the winding roads of the farm on Saturday and Sunday.
11am to 3pm – Included in Admission
(last ride departs at 2:30pm)

Visit the Barnyard Visit the Barnyard
Our Barnyard animals are waiting to see you. Explore all the barnyard animals. Grain cups can be purchased to have a hands-on experience feeding the animals.

Reindeer Santa’s Reindeer
Be sure to stop by the Reindeer Barn during your visit. The deer love being fed. Don’t forget to save some Animal Feed for them!

Pony Rides Pony Rides
Your children can enjoy a pony ride along a trail into a pine grove. Children must be 75lbs. or under and accompanied by one parent.
($10 per ride when purchased online)

Marshmello Campfire
Warm up and enjoy the campfire. S’more Kits are available for purchase.

Holiday Gift Barn Holiday Gift Barn
Our shelves are stock with wonderful items for gift giving and decorating. A wide array of Douglas plush animals for every age, popular Crossroads Candles in holiday scents, seasonal decorations to deck your halls, local maple and honey products, and much more.

Taking care of your Tree

The average Christmas tree with proper care should last 6 weeks. Once you have decided on your tree our staff will make a fresh cut. We will trim to height you choose or take about one-fourth to one-half of an inch from the bottom base of the tree. It takes about 6 hours for the base to sap over making a seal which, in turn makes it harder for the tree to absorb water. We strongly recommend once you get your tree home place it outside in a five gallon pail of water overnight. You do not need to add any of those home remedies you hear about such as aspirin or seven up. The next best thing you can do for your tree to select a good tree stand that will hold a large amount of water. The average tree can consume up to a gallon of water per day. You should check the level of water in your tree stand daily this will help to maintain the freshness and aroma of your live Christmas tree this holiday season.

Real Christmas Trees are Environmentally Friendly

Christmas trees are renewable, recyclable natural product. Real Christmas Trees are actually grown as crops, just like corn or wheat, and raised on a farm. Once they are harvested, up to 3 seedlings are planted to replace harvested trees on most farms. Therefore, there are actually more and more trees every year, not less. On average Christmas Tree farmers planted 70 million new Christmas Trees on farms throughout North America each year. These trees would NOT have been planted if trees hadn’t been harvested the previous year. It is much better environmentally to use a natural, organic crop and be sure to recycle your tree after the holidays.

You Should Know

  • “Check in Time”
    Example: 1:00pm → 2:30pm
    Your check in time in the example above is 1:00pm. Our staff CANNOT check you in any earlier and arriving LATER will not allow you time to participate. We expect you will be with us for a time span of 1:00pm → 2:30pm.
  • Inventory may vary depending on the day and time you arrive. We cannot guarantee we will have the particular variety or size you are looking to take home. All sales are non-refundable.

Purchase Animal Feed and S’more Kits (we will have a campfire) online and save money!

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