Wolf – Canis Lupus

Timber – estimated age – 14

The Grey Wolf is the largest wolf in the world and can be found across most of Europe, Asia, and North America. Wolves typically live and hunt in packs, allowing them to take down larger hoofed mammals, such as deer and elk. The pack is usually made up of a breeding male and female and their offspring. They are very territorial, and some of the offspring will leave the pack when they get older to form packs of their own. The grey wolf is an endangered species, but because of efforts by the Fish and Wildlife Department, they are now considered to have a stable population.

Timber was owned by a family who moved to New Hampshire without realizing that they were illegal to keep in New Hampshire as a pet. With the cooperation of Fish and Game, Timber was moved to his new home at Charmingfare Farm. Because of how he was raised, he acts more like a dog than a wild wolf and is perfectly content being the only wolf at the farm. He likes to interact with his human visitors, and loves to play chase up and down the fence line. In the summer, Timber likes to dig huge holes in his yard so he can curl up inside and get away from the heat.

Fun Fact: There are 5 subspecies of Grey Wolves, all of which have their own unique language of howls and barks that they use to communicate with each other.