New Year’s Eve Event

3,2,1 Happy New Years! Come celebrate New Year’s Eve with us at our New Year’s Eve Event in Candia, New Hampshire. Candia, New Hampshire’s country landscape offers an escape from the city lights and traffic. This is an outdoor event that is a popular alternative to traditional New Year’s Eve parties as it allows for an open air, socially distant environment. The escape from the city lights and traffic to our country side brings lots This event consists of a wonderful horse drawn sleigh ride, down our trial that is lit up with great holiday displays. The wonderful holiday light displays are sure to bring smiles to anyone who comes and sees.

We have 3 sleighs to choose…

The Romantic Sleigh is a perfect New Year’s Eve idea for those looking to make their celebration a little more intimate. This romantic New Year’s Eve date night idea is sure to bring you close together as you cuddle up next to your significant other as you travel down the trail. Maybe, just maybe you will be lucky enough to steal a kiss!

Traveling with another couple and looking for an outdoor New Year’s Eve Event? Our Vis-à-vis Sleigh that holds four passengers is perfect! Vis-à-vis in French means face to face, which is exactly how our seats are oriented. Being face to face and able to talk to the other couple is exactly why the Vis-à-vis is perfect for two couples traveling together.

The Meadowbrook Sleigh is exactly what is needed to bring all your friends and their significant others. This sleigh holds ten passengers, which is enough to bring 5 couples along. The seats are oriented also facing each other, making it a joyous and memorable experience for all the couples.

Around the warming bonfire, we have a menu that is sure to delight. Our menu consists of homemade chili or New England clam chowder, warm cornbread and oyster crackers, a delicious assortment of dessert treats, hot cocoa, and bottled water. This being an outside event be sure to dress appropriately! Some musts are hats, scarves, mittens, boots and warm coat. We always recommend to bring blankets, even sleeping bags work great. You are always more than welcome to bring additional refreshments and beverages as you wish. With this event, you should expect to be with us for about an hour and half.

We hope you will join us in our unique New Year’s Eve Event in New Hampshire. Our horse drawn sleigh rides will be waiting for you!

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