Our Romantic Sleigh Ride is a great way to take your sweetheart out for a unique adventure. Just about 15 minutes off I-93 you can find these horse-drawn sleighs at Charmingfare Farm in Candia, New Hampshire. These romantic sleigh rides are perfect for you and your partner as the sleigh is designed to hold two people in the back seat. Thus, this sleigh makes the entire ride a very personal and intimate experience with your special someone.

Since the size of the sleigh is small, it has the ability to go into the farms secondary trail. Since you travel further into the woods on the secondary trail you are more likely to see native wildlife! Some of the wildlife you could possibly see are turkeys, foxes, coyotes, and deer! As you travel further and further into the woods you might even be able to find a kiss from your person waiting around the next turn.

You can book the romantic sleigh ride at any point during the winter. With that being said, the Valentine’s Day Sleigh Ride could add just the cherry on top to a memorable experience. With the Valentine’s Day Ride, you will get a full menu which includes hot soup and chocolate treats. The best part is that all the hot soup and chocolate treats are included in the price of the ride!

Even though this sleigh is for two people, usually a couple, there is nothing wrong with coming with a close friend to experience something truly unique. There are not many places where you can share such an astounding and unforgettable moment with a close friend as a winter sleigh ride through the scenic secondary trials of the farm.

This ride is just about 45 minutes in its entirety, which is just the right amount of time to spend outside in the cold winter months. You should expect to be on the farm for about an hour in total, from check in to the end of the ride. Since this event is an outdoor winter event, we tell everyone to dress appropriately so they can get maximum enjoyment out of the horse drawn sleigh ride. To dress appropriately, we say that hats, scarves, mittens or gloves, and a warm jacket are a few must haves. We do suggest to bring warm blankets. If you have sleeping bags, we have found those work great as well at keeping you warm.   Whether it is to share a memory with a friend or to have a romantic date, our horses and a driver are awaiting you in Candia, New Hampshire.

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