Red Fox

Vulpes Vulpes

Charmingfare Farm is home to one male red fox. His name is Kenai, and he was born on May 11th, 2012.

The red fox is the largest true fox in the entire world, and also the most widespread. They can be found across all of the Northern Hemisphere, including most places in North America, Europe, Asia, and even parts of Northern Africa. They live in many different habitats, including forests, grasslands, mountains, and deserts, but they also adapt well and can live in areas where there are more people. The red fox is an omnivore, and their diet consists mostly of rodents, rabbits, and birds, but also fruits, berries, vegetables, and many kinds of insects. In the spring, female foxes can give birth to as many as12 pups, but 4-6 is most common. They are normally nocturnal, meaning they are awake at night, but when they are feeding babies, they can be active at any time.

Kenai came to us from another USDA facility where he had been hand-raised and used in educational shows. He is extremely friendly and loves to interact with his keepers. He eats a diet consisting of dog kibble, mixed vegetables, berries, and a raw meatball. Sometimes we give him whole eggs or frozen mice which he loves hide so he can eat them later on.

Fun Fact: Adult red foxes have scent glands and they use them to mark their territory and identify other foxes. They can smell just as bad as a Skunk!