Teddy the Pony

Equus Ferus Caballus

A pony is a small horse shorter than 14.2 hands, Compared to larger horses, they typically have thicker manes and tails, shorter legs, wider bodies, heavier bones, shorter heads, and thicker necks. There are many different breeds of ponies, and many are mixed breeds. Ponies are generally friendly and smart, but can sometimes be stubborn. Well trained ponies can be ridden by children and trained to pull small carts, and larger ponies can even be ridden by small adults because they are usually strong for their size.

The ponies that live at Charmingfare are used for pony rides. One of the favorite ponies is Teddy, a chestnut pony that is about 13 hands tall. Teddy has been living at Charmingfare for over 12 years. He has given rides to hundreds of children during his lifetime, and has been in a lot of photographs. Teddy is a very easy going pony who loves to eat all the time if he could. His favorite treats are carrots and apples, and he really loves when he gets to nibble on fresh green grass.