Want to see how a working farm makes maple syrup? Look no further than Charmingfare Farm in Candia, New Hampshire. During the dates of March 19th, 20th, 26th, and 27th come join us for our amazing Maple Express event. The maple sugaring season in New Hampshire Maple Weekend is always an exciting one. The event is held in March as it is New Hampshire’s maple sugaring month. This family friendly event is sure to bring happiness to all. We have so much to teach you and your family about maple sugaring!

March is New Hampshire’s maple sugaring month because in order for the sap to run up and down the tree the temperatures need to go above freezing during the day and back below freezing at night. This consistently happens during the month of March, hence the start of the maple syrup making season.

In our authentic Sugar Shack, you will be able to learn the truly interesting insights of how maple syrup near me is made at maple syrup farm. There sure is a lot to it! You will be able to see our evaporator in action as you see it boiling the sap away. As you watch and soak in all the information and smells, you can walk outside and see how the farm taps its trees. The best part of the day though is the ability to taste pure maple syrup on hot and buttery silver dollar pancakes. Then after you get dropped off at the end of your day you have the chance to visit the animals on the farm. Our large variety of animals include both farm and wildlife animals. Some of the various animals on the farm are llamas, sheep, alpacas, pigs, bunnies, wolves, coyotes, bobcats, and so much more. Nothing better than seeing the loving faces of these animals at the end of an already terrific day.

We have so much maple infused goodies for sale in our gift shop. Maple candies, Maple Sugar, Maple Coffee, Maple Cotton Candy, and more. While we have the best local pure maple syrup for sale as well on our shelves.

Children under the age of 23 months gain free admission! With this being an outdoor event, we suggest you dress appropriately for the elements. Since this is a winter event we suggest you wear hats, gloves or mittens, scarves, boots, and a warm winter jacket. We also suggest that you bring blankets as well. If you do not have any blankets, we have found that sleeping bags do the trick as well! You may bring additional food and refreshments as you please. Plan on being at the farm for about an hour and a half. Do not miss this deliciously, awesome event that will be sure to bring smiles to the faces of all that come.

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