Who doesn’t like a cozy campfire with friends? Come join us at our favorite winter event the Sleigh Ride Social in Candia, New Hampshire. Travel though our logging trails where you can see all of our fabulous lit displays filled with holiday lights. This winter activity is a great alternative to traditional parties. Whether to just change up the regular social scene or to have a great open air, social distant atmosphere- the Sleigh Ride Social is the place to go.

With this winter event we have three sleighs to choose from…

Our Vis-à-vis Sleigh that holds four passengers. Vis-à-vis in French means face to face, which is exactly how our seats are oriented. Whether it is about bringing another couple along for the ride or bringing your small family for an unforgettable adventure.

The Meadowbrook Sleigh is exactly what is needed to bring all your friends and their significant others. This sleigh holds ten passengers, which is enough to bring 5 couples along or for a larger family affair. The seats are oriented also facing each other, making it a joyous and memorable experience for all who come.

The Logging Sled holds up to 20 passengers. With 20 passengers it makes a perfect sled to make the Sleigh Ride Social an entire family event. Whether it’s a great night to leave the kids at home for some adult fun or an event where the kids do not want to leave the farm. Whatever type of night you make it to be, we will surely show you a great time.

The majestic draft horses that pull these wonderful sleighs are walk along the snow packed trails with ease even though they weigh over a ton each! The sleigh bells hung from the horses are sure to bring a smile to your face due to the holiday magic they hold. One of the most breath-taking animals you will find on our trail are our reindeer. At our cozy campfire you can enjoy our complimentary hot cocoa. You may even consider buying a smores kit to bring even more fun to the fire. You can even bring refreshments from home to enjoy on the stop by the campfire. Though this is an outdoor winter event, make sure to dress warmly to ensure you get the most enjoyable experience you can. We think mittens or gloves, hat, scarf, and a warm jacket are a few must haves. We suggest bringing a few blankets or even some sleeping bags as we found those work great. Prepare to be with us at the farm for about an hour and a half. We hope you make the Sleigh Ride Social part of your next winter excursions.

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