Tired of feeling rundown from all the stresses of the city? Come escape to a peaceful piece of the countryside, Charmingfare Farm. Here you can see a beautiful country landscape with an amazing assortment of animals.

This sleigh can hold up to 20 passengers with kids. The Logging Sleigh is broken into two sides, 10 passengers on each side. Each package you book is for 10 people and one side of the sleigh, but to have the sleigh to yourself you will need to book two packages. The sides are six feet apart making this a social distant sleigh!

While enjoying the step away from the city lights and traffic you will get to see some of the animals we have to offer here on the farm. You will get the chance to see our grazing cattle and our horses in their winter pastures during the daytime rides. Along the ride you will also get to see our American wildlife exhibits that include a bobcat, wolf, and our black bears. Since you are on a sleigh ride through a trail in the woods you have the chance to see some native wildlife including turkeys, foxes, coyotes, and deer. Although some of our guests have had the lucky experience of even seeing a moose!

There are a lot of events that you could make the Logging Sleighs apart of. Church groups and youth groups are great examples of the types of institutional functions that can be accommodated here at Charmingfare Farm. Bonding events for teams of all kinds, professional or sports, and their families can also be enhanced by our horses and sleighs. Large families can also have their needs meet by our large passenger carrying capacity.

With the winter sleigh ride there will be a stop at our roaring campfire. The campfire is set back into the woods and the fire is attended to by our staff. Around the campfire you will find picnic tables where you will be able to enjoy any refreshments that you have decided to bring along. This is an outdoor event during the winter time so we urge you to dress appropriately. We think that hats, scarves, mittens or gloves, and a warm coat are a few musts. We suggest that you bring some blankets and if you cannot find any blankets we have found that sleeping bags have worked wonders. If you are looking for a large party, you may want to consider booking the warming room that is available. We look forward to being a part of your next adventure!

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