The holidays are coming, and that means a whole bunch of turkeys are going to be sold and eaten.  But let’s face it, there are a gazillion (well, almost a gazillion) choices available to you.  Frozen.  Free range.  Grain fed.  Pasture raised.  Fresh.  Which one is best? 

First of all, some facts!  Free range is not necessarily the same as pasture raised.  All free range assures you is that the turkey will be allowed to be free outside.  That could be a tiny, fenced in space outside the coop on a concrete pad!  Pasture raised is exactly that.  The birds roam free on a pasture, eating grass and insects and all the other things turkeys should be eating!  Not just grain to fatten them up!

Pasture raised turkeys have two to four times more Omega 3’s…and that means lower blood pressure for you.  They’ve got four times the amount of Vitamin E than simply grain fed turkeys.  And the list goes on!  You’ve got to check this out in greater detail.  Check here OR here

More importantly, their quality of life is so much nicer.  And a happy turkey is going to be a tastier turkey!