What is CSA ?

CSA programs create a relationship between you and the farm. Essentially, you pay a fee which entitles you to share in weekly vegetable harvests throughout the season. If you participate in the livestock CSA, you purchase a pre-determined size share of livestock that is raised here on the farm and processed for you.

Vegetable Info

Our vegetables are organically grown with no pesticides, herbicides or synthetic fertilizer. We pick the produce in the morning on harvest days and make it available to our members that afternoon. We harvest on Wednesday for twenty weeks of the season. Members are also encouraged to explore the farm during their visit.

Livestock Info

Our animals live and roam on pastures as nature intended. Living in the fresh air and eating at nature’s amazing salad bar, our animals are happy and stress free. No hormones, no antibiotics, less fat and less calories produce happy animals and therefore healthy meats for you and your family.