So I was in one of those big box craft supply stores the other day, and as you can imagine they had redecorated the entire front of the store to reflect the Christmas season.  So as I wandered through the ribbons and wreaths and lights and plastic trees, I realized something.  NONE of it got me in the mood for Christmas!  Am I truly a Scrooge, or was there another reason?  And then it dawned on me.  I couldn’t smell any pine trees.  I didn’t see any dried up needles on the floor.  All I saw were these perfectly shaped plastic trees that will NEVER look that good in your living room after the first year!  Next year it will be all bent and folded weirdly because you packed it up and stuffed it in a bag as soon as you could last year!

I thought back to the fun we all had piling into the car on a cold, snowy night …. Dad telling us kids to stop fighting.  Mom making sure we were bundled up and warm enough.  And then the excitement of getting to the farm, getting the hot cocoa, picking out just the right tree and loading it onto the car!  That’s when we knew it really was Christmas, and Santa was just around the corner!

The smell of the those pine needles, getting the lights just right when we decorated, the garlands, the popcorn….THAT’s what Christmas is all about.  And somehow, as I stood in the plastic tree department at that store, I KNEW I could never go with the fake tree.  So I did some digging, and came up with this site Real Christmas Trees Or Fake Ones – Which Are Better For The Planet? to give you a whole bunch of reasons why you should buy a real tree, and not a fake!  And its not just all fluff!  Trees are an important part of our ecosystem.  Check it out!

Charmingfare Farm’s Christmas Tree Spree offers the perfect opportunity for you to acquire a Real Christmas Tree and the same time create holiday memories. For $59.00 you can pick out a 6 to 8 foot Balsam or Fraser Fir tree and up to 4 guests are able to visit the farm.  There are even live reindeer for everyone to see.