Bactrian Camel

Camelus Bactrianus

The Bactrian Camel is a two humped camel native to the steppes of Asia, where the climate is too dry to grow trees, but not dry enough to be a desert. Camels are adapted to survive a wide range of temperature extremes, from freezing cold to blistering heat. They have long eyelashes and can close their nostrils, which help in keeping out dust from their environment. In the winter, they grow a thick shaggy coat to keep them warm. They can survive on poor quality foods, such as dry, prickly, salty, and bitter plants. Because they store fat in their humps, they can survive for several months without water. An adult Bactrian Camel can be over 7 feet tall and males can weight up to 2200 lbs. Female camels are pregnant for 13 months, and give birth every 2 years, usually to one calf, but occasionally twins.

Fun Fact: Bactrian camel has two humps on its back, designed to store fat that can be converted into water and used as a source of energy when needed.

Roger, our Bactrian Camel came from a family right here in New Hampshire.  He was raised surrounded by children. Roger has an amazing personality and is super friendly. He loves fresh lettuce from the garden.  We feed good quality hay, alpha pellets and a sweet feed as his main diet.