Pony Ride


Children must be 75 pounds or under and accompanied by one parent.

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Pony Ride

Please note: Pony rides are only offered in daylight during certain events. You will need to purchase an admission ticket before entering the farm.

Giddy-Up N’ Let’s Go

Safety Rules

  • Our ponies are willing to carry riders weighing 85 pounds or less.
  • No running up to or behind our ponies.
  • No balloons, bags or other objects that may distract the pony.
  • Children will need both hands free in order to hold on to the saddle.
  • A parent is required to assist or lift their child onto the pony.
  • A parent is required to walk along and hold onto their child with two hands at all times while the child is on the pony.
  • Additional children are not allowed to walk around inside the pony ride area.

The safety of your child is important.

Your support and understanding is greatly appreciated.

Enjoy the ride!


It is extremely important for the safety of everyone you take a moment and read our requirements.

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