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Vis-A-Vis Sleigh

Perfect for romantic couples and small families

Our sleigh is a re-creation of an 18th century Vis-A-Vis style sleigh complete with antique lamps to light the way during our evening rides. Old fashioned sleigh robes are provided to keep you warm. There are two seats facing each other that can easily carry up to four passengers. Most often these are sleigh booked by romantic couples.

The Vis-A-Vis sleigh can be reserved for the following rides and events...

Traditional Ride

A one hour, non-stop ride offered during the day or in the evenings. Settle into to the sleigh and cover up with our warm sleigh robes. You will travel alongsnow covered trails, past winter pastures and head out on our secondary trails to Moose Meadow.
$150 Book Now

Lighted Winter Wonderland

Santa’s idea of giving you the VIP treatment during our Lighted Winter Wonderland event without having to wait in a line. You will be riding in style during your 30-minute trip to the North Pole, enjoying all the activities included in Lighted Winter Wonderland.
$150 Book Now

New Year’s Eve

Come celebrate with us on New Year's Eve! Climb aboard the sleigh and head for the party. This evening the horses have a little bit more “get up and go” in their step. No worries, they’ll be sure to swing out to Moose Meadow. We’re cookin’ on the grill around the bonfires. Enjoy steak tips, chicken and hotdogs along with plenty of hot cocoa. You are welcome to bring along additional refreshments if you choose.
$195 Book Now

Sleigh Ride Social

Sleigh Ride Social is our most popular ride during the winter. You will travel approximately 45 minutes to reach the social. Along the way, enjoy the lights from the holiday season. You will branch off the main trails and head out to Moose Meadow. Around the fires, we provide hot dogs for roasting, marshmallows for toasting and hot cocoa for sipping.
$150 Book Now


Surprise your sweetheart with this very special Valentine's ride.Step aboard the sleigh, cover up and prepare for a dashing ride out to our bonfires. Once there, enjoy a bowl of hot soup or chowder along with some tasty chocolate treats.
$195 Book Now