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Garden CSA

Shareholders pick up their produce during the 18 weeks between June and October. We pick ripe produce that morning, and make it available at our Farm Stand. Shareholders fill their Garden Bags choosing what they want and need.

While at the farm, customers can tour Charmingfare Farm, visit the bears, wolves etc., see and learn all about how food is grown, and pick fresh herbs and flowers from the gardens. Food left over, at the end of the day, is collected and taken to the local food bank.

Growing Methods

We grow your food in the most efficient and healthy manner we can. We have chosen to grow with quality compost, organic fertilizers, and cover crops wherever possible, and avoid such things as synthetic fertilizer, pesticides, or herbicides. Various types of mulches are used to suppress weeds, warm spring and fall soils, and conserve water.

We also make a special effort to attract wild pollinators to our gardens. Pollinators fulfill a vital role in the growing of your food. People with allergies to stings, should take care in the event that they cross paths with one of these "undocumented workers".

Our soil is tested regularly to make sure we maintain fertility without putting excess nutrients in the water supply. We even use the horses to pull some of the farm equipment to reduce fossil fuel consumption. It's a lot more work but we think it is worth it.

Bulk Items

Your share also gives you access to surplus produce for canning and stocking up. When we have an abundance of certain crops we will make these available to share holders, usually at a reduced cost. If you have a need for one particular item please let the Garden Manager know and we will try our best to accommodate your request.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much food am I going to get for my share?
Full-share memberships include a large reusable grocery bag that is about the size of a standard brown paper grocery bag. Half-share members will receive a bag that is about half the size of the full-share membership bag. You can bring your bag to the Farm each week and fill it with whatever you want and can use.

Can I get extra in a given week if I need more?
Yes. As a shareholder you can request additional produce, but sometimes at an additional cost. Whenever possible surplus items will be put out at the farm stand and marked as surplus. What shareholders do not take will go to the food bank, so we ask that you not take what you will not need for your family.

Additionally if there is a particular item you really want larger quantities of for canning please let the Garden Manager know and we will try to accommodate your request.

Can I share a subscription with another family?
No. That is why we created the half share at reduced cost. You still get admission to the farm and a Christmas tree in December. And all the other benefits of the full share but you are not paying for food you don't want or need.

What if I don't like what is offered that day?
We have been careful to select a wide variety produce and will do our best to make as much available as we can; however produce is not always ripe when we want it to be. If the first few weeks are a bit sparse we will do our best to compensate later as more of the harvest comes in.

How will I know what is being offered each Harvest Day?
By checking our Online Updates each week. Postings are normally up by the end of day on Mondays each week letting shareholders know what we will be picking that week.

Is the food certified organic?
Organic growing practices are employed on all of the gardens. This includes: compost and organic fertilizers, cover crops, mulch, and row covers. We avoid the use of potentially harmful chemicals such as pesticides, and herbicides. Though not certified 100% organic we feel our gardens enjoy the best growing practices to produce abundant healthy food. Please feel free to speak with any of our garden associates about how we grow food.

When can I pick up my share?
The Farm Stand will be open Wednesdays 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm. Please do not arrive any earlier than 4pm.

Can I visit the Farm on days other than Harvest days?
No, your free admission is good all day on Wednesdays during the 18 weeks harvest period..

What about when I go on vacation?
Unfortunately we cannot make special provisions for interruptions in membership.

Can I reduce the cost of my share by working in the Garden?
This is not currently an option we are offering at this time.

Who does all the work to grow this food?
Charmingfare Gardens employs workers through multiple local programs that benefit youth workers. This will include High school students during summer vacation, Adult students who have dropped out of school but need work experience, and New Americans who have recently come to the USA and need opportunities to work and get their families settled in a new country.

Am I going to have to pull weeds?
Charmingfare Gardens CSA does not require shareholders to work in the gardens; however we do provide many of the crops as pick your own options. Beans, peas, pumpkins, can typically be picked by shareholders. Soon we will offer blueberries, strawberries, apples and raspberries as pick your own too.

Questions & Concerns

Please email John directly

Charmingfare Garden CSA Harvest Chart

Please keep in mind that growing food in New England is an unpredictable project at best. Charmingfare Gardens makes every effort to provide a diverse selection of crops for the longest possible harvest; however, shareholders should expect some variation to the harvest schedule. Some crops may not produce as well as hoped and others are likely to produce more then expected.

Beans, Pole
Brussels Sprouts
Kale & Collards