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The Green Event

April 27 & 28, 2019
10am to 4pm

One of the greatest gifts we can give our children is a healthy planet and the know-how to keep it that way!  April is pretty much considered Earth Month since the first Earth Day was created back in 1970.  So in celebration of that, we have created The Green Event.  Its designed to inform, to educate and to entertain the entire family.

There are many aspects to helping our planet.  Whether its as simple as re-purposing items around the house, collecting and recycling or reducing our daily consumption, we all can learn and help.  What a great way for the whole family to hang out together and have fun, while at the same time doing something so worthwhile that can last a lifetime!

Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

  • Oxen Plowing
    We are reducing our carbon footprint by using our team of oxen to get our vegetable fields prepared for spring planting. Folks may get an opportunity to try their hand at guiding the plow. Huck & Finn (the oxen) will challenge families to feel their strength during the Oxen Tug of War.
  • Home Composting
    Learn about how to make compost at home. We’ll explain how easy it is to convert your food waste into valuable compost. Children will be amazed to see our worms turning scraps in to rich compost. Parents, learn our compost tea recipe that will make all your plants thrive.
  • Seeds n’ Eggs
    Children will have a hands-on experience planting their very own seeds from Johnny Selected Seeds in recycled egg cartons. The farm will have all the supplies necessary for this activity. Children will be able to take their plantings home and watch them grow.

    Charmingfare Farm purchases seeds for their CSA Vegetable Shares program with great results from Johnny Selected Seeds of Maine.

  • Creative Containers
    See how we recycle various containers into micro gardens. Containers are a great option for planting herbs, veggies, succulents and flowers. See how easy it is to be creative when designing unique planters for your home.
  • Building for Birds
    Kids can help their feathered friends by making nesting bags. The farm will supply a variety of materials birds use to build their nest.  Your children can construct a nesting bag to bring home.

Visit The Farm

  • Visit the Animals
    Meet all of our agricultural animals and explore our North American wildlife exhibits.
  • Horse Drawn Wagon Ride
    Enjoy a ride past our very own composting center, and see how much waste we have to recycle.
  • Tractor Train Ride
    Get up close views of our hay fields and gardens while enjoying a relaxing trip around the farm.


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